Ethical Management


As a leading company in the construction of major facilities such as nuclear power plants, automobiles, and battery factories, we strive to become a company that fulfills our social responsibilities and can conduct business with confidence. To this end, we proudly introduce our Human Rights Management Charter which outlines the standards of behavior and codes of ethical conduct that all employees should observe in order to improve human dignity and values throughout all our business activities.

One, we shall respect international standards and norms on human rights, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
One, we shall prevent human rights violations in advance and strive for active relief from human rights violations.
One, we shall not discriminate against any stakeholders, including our own officers and employees, based on race, religion, physical impediment, gender, birthplace, age or political opinion.
One, we shall guarantee the freedom of our employees to organize and engage in collective bargaining.
One, we shall not allow any form of forced or child labor.
One, we shall improve industrial safety and health by creating a safe and sanitary working environment.
One, we shall treat our suppliers fairly and support and cooperate with them in practicing human rights management.
One, we shall respect the human rights of local residents and pursue win-win development with them; and.
One, we shall comply with environmental laws and regulations at home and abroad, and endeavor to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

YOUNCHANG Declaration of Ethical Management

Younchang executes its duties ethically and lawfully, with an understanding of contemporary norms, and strives to establish an order of fair trade. Younchang also promotes a transparent and clean corporate culture to fulfill its social responsibilities.

01 We comply with the laws and customs of the community, national and international communities based on ethical values in management activities.
02 We eradicate corruption by establishing a transparent and fair trade order.
03 We build a cooperative relationship of trust with stakeholders and contribute to the development of the nation and society by fulfilling our social responsibilities.
We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees by respecting individual personality and creativity and giving equal opportunities for their abilities and qualities.

Younchang Ethical Management Practice Pledge

I work for Yoon and according to the company's instructions, I pledge as follows for transparent company management without corruption and the ability to carry out high quality construction.

One. I comply with business-related laws and company regulations.
One. I faithfully carry out my responsibilities and mission to pursue the company's goals and values.
One. I put the company's interests first when my interests conflict with my colleagues and supervisors.
One. I protect the company's property and never use it for personal purposes.
one. I do not take any personal interests or unfair acts using the company's confidentiality.
One. I do not offer money or entertainment to clients and stakeholders in any case in relation to the company's business.
One. I don't engage in any political activities in the company.
One. I faithfully implement the above company's ethical management practice regulations, take full responsibility for violations, resign without objection, and endeavor to prevent violations of regulations.

I pledge to take any punishment to violate the above.