SHE Management


making efforts to identify potential risks in consideration of the internal and external environment, and to establish sustainable management and safety, health and environmental management as a corporate culture.

Establishment of safety and health/environmental management system

Through systematic risk management, we are preventing disasters, using resources efficiently, and complying with environmental regulations.

The Health & Safeth Management System (ISO45001) Certification
The Environment Management System (ISO14001) Certificatioon

YOUNCHANG is doing his best to establish safety and health management and environmental management as a corporate culture. With these efforts, it was certified as Global Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001) and Global Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) in May 2015.

The Health & Safeth Management System Certification


The Environment Management System Certification


Company-wide safety management

With the responsibility of being a safety and health manager, all employees are working to fundamentally prevent industrial accidents such as completing management safety training and thorough pre-risk management to implement the SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) system.

Promote awareness of safety and health management across the company

Management's certificate of safety and health education

Disaster-free activities through on-site safety inspections - Regular (twice a week)

Conduct safety inspection and safety and health education

Safety and health education log

On-site safety and health education 2017-2021 (number of trainings)

Safety and health activities to achieve “zero” severe accidents

Status of Industrial Accidents by Year

Industrial accident rate certificate

Environmental policy

In order to fulfill the social vocation for environmental management, Yoon Chang sets goals for environmental improvement and sets and operates internal standards. In addition, we are pursuing activities to minimize environmental pollution prevention, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise/vibration and waste generation, and the efficient use of energy and resources

Environmental management practices

Office practice
Field Practices