Quality Mangement


established a standardized quality management system for customer satisfaction, In order to achieve the quality goal, we are implementing systematic quality management by establishing and executing an action plan.

Establishment of a Quality Mnagement System

We have obtained the quality management system (ISO9001) certification and managge to apply the standardized quality management system to the head office and all sites.

The ISO 9001 certification

As an effort to establish a quality management system, we obtained the global quality management system (ISO9001) certification in April 1999. In addition, we are continuously maintaining and managing a quality management system that meets international standards throughout all business areas.


The ISO 9001 certification


Customer-centered quality management system

In order to achieve the quality management goal, Yoonchang is implementing various customer-centered quality improvement activities.

Activities to improve customer satisfaction

Customer-centered quality management work

Establishment of a customer satisfaction-centered corporate culture
Instilling a company-wide mindset for customer satisfaction – activation of education and practice (workshops, frequent employee training activities)

Establishing a management system for products and services
On-site inspection system, corrective action management system, recurrence prevention management system, defect response team operation

Quality-focused management system

Based on the various technologies and experiences accumulated in domestic and overseas sites, we are striving to zero defect rate by selecting and managing quality-focused management items from the beginning of construction.

Implementation of pre-technical reviews such as design drawings for the project, specifications and process plans
Joint review by design team, construction team, and quality team

Thorough management of materials and outsourced goods

Pre-examination of quality and specifications when purchasing materials Conduct product review and interview with business partners

Thorough inspection when delivering to the site

Prevention of defects through on-site quality inspection - Regular (twice a week)

On-site Inspection Report 2017~2021 (number of inspections)
On-site inspection report

Requiring corrective action and mandatory reporting

After on-site inspection, take corrective action for defective construction and insufficient quality control

Corrective Action Request
Corrective Action Report